Choose the Best Matriculation school in Karur

The learning atmosphere at CRMMS is happy, healthy, and safe. The student’s entire personality is developed by applying the holistic curriculum. We have high regard for diversity and recognize that each child is an individual with their approach to education. Our teaching and learning methods are centered on the learner, and they encourage in-depth understanding via inquiry, reflection, and comprehension. We are dedicated to developing students who never stop learning.

Our mission is to make an excellent contribution to the world’s future. Young people are motivated to contribute to a more sustainable future through our efforts. We impact society by increasing awareness and sensitivity, applying information, discovering and putting into practice potential solutions, and promoting awareness of these things. No matter what course of action they ultimately decide to choose in life, we intend to bring into the world a new generation of people who are capable of making a positive impact on society and the communities in which they live. Children develop into caring and responsible citizens of the world while simultaneously becoming ingrained in our culture. Our graduates get accepted into the most prestigious colleges and have successful professions in India and other countries.

Our mission as one of the best matric schools in Karur is to provide children with the tools they need to develop an understanding of themselves and their role in the world and the sensitivity to use the earth’s resources responsibly to create and live in a world that is environmentally friendly and peaceful. Our children will have the ability to think globally and act locally to impact society positively; as a result, they will comprehend that their actions cause ripples of change.

With the understanding that all of us are interconnected, our goal is to cultivate compassionate and responsible global citizens who will contribute to a peaceful and environmentally friendly future.

We are a step ahead of other matric schools in Karur and intend to move the focal point away from “I,” the individual, and toward “we,” the peers, “us,” the community, and finally, “ours,” the world that we all share.

Children are born with a predisposition to play, observe, examine, learn, and try to make sense of the world around them through their experiences. A sensory and immersive learning journey is made possible by the presence of an open courtyard, an indoor play area, a sensory walkway, well-ventilated roomy classrooms, and experience-rich learning corners. The kindergarten curriculum helps the kid develop in all aspects of their being, including physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually.

Activities that are relevant to everyday life

Children who participate in sweeping, sewing, and gardening are better able to focus, sequence, and coordinate their movements. Additionally, it helps facilitate a smooth transition from the student’s home environment to the classroom. Children can enhance their fine motor and gross motor skills by completing activities as basic as cutting a carrot. These activities teach children sequence, attention, and hand-eye coordination. When they move on to grade 1, their abilities through these activities give a solid foundation in mathematics, reading, and writing.

Language: The learning is centered on a central theme. It includes a variety of hands-on activities that provide a rich environment for developing both oral and written language abilities. Storytelling, rhymes, role-playing, read-aloud, picture cards, and sandpaper tracing are excellent ways to expand a child’s vocabulary and improve their phonological awareness. The opportunity to immerse oneself in the realms of imagination and fantasy can be found in the reading nook located in the classroom. Children eventually develop the ability to communicate and express themselves. The instruction of Tamil begins at a very young age and is a required language.

Sensorial: Sensorial content is delivered through a series of sequenced exercises that help refine and sharpen the senses and create a sensory foundation for further intellectual development. This sensory foundation is necessary for further academic development. One mind at a time, information that appeals to the visual (seeing), tactile (touching), auditory (hearing), gustatory (tasting), and olfactory (smelling) senses is provided. Each of them progresses from easy to complex, so facilitating the shift from the tangible to the CRMMS is necessary for the later years of education.