Change is the only thing in this world which is constant. The ability to adapt and upgrade oneself to the changes is what sets the road to success for an individual. One needs to develop the ability, skillset, mindset and willingness to think differently and quickly adapt to the changing scenarios.

At CRMM, we recognize that the children need to be equipped with various skills to face the challenges posed by the outside world when they step out from the confines of a protected environment.

We are aware of the fact the the Guru is looked upto by the children as a role model and we take utmost care in recruiting affectionate, passionate and understanding teachers who would look upon every child as their responsibility, identify the uniqueness in every child and approach each situation with a fresh and unbiased view.

In line with that we have curated our curriculum to develop responsible global citizens and leaders, who are selfless and not only do well for themselves but also pave the way for others to live in a safe and healthy environment.

We follow the Samacheer kalvi prescribed by the Tamil Nadu Government but in addition to that we believe in developing responsible, ethical and healthy citizens who would be achievers and make themselves and their country proud. We have a healthy student teacher ratio of 30:1 and have designed various activities like Utsav (which emphasises and brings out the value of the rich history and culture of our nation) and Theatre and dance (which brings out creativity and lateral thinking in the students).

All of the activities are also carried out online by the eager teachers so that the children do not lose out on any opportunities, even if the pandemic occurs.

School memories are priceless, and we pledge to make each child’s journey one to remember.

We have established a second home for the children, where they feel protected and cared for, thanks to the unwavering support of parents, teachers, and administration.

Mr. G. Karunakaran