1. Students have to be sent to school regularly on all working days.
  2. In case of leave, a leave letter has to be submitted to the school duly signed by the parents.
  3. Parents need to ensure that their children bring the diary to school every day.
  4. Parents must ensure that their children reach the school before 9:10 a.m. every day.
  5. If their child is participating in any event, he or she must arrive at the school at the scheduled time.
  6. Children are responsible for their belongings. However, gold and other expensive items are not allowed at the school. If a student loses any of the aforementioned items in school, the school management shall not be responsible.
  7. The students must ensure that their classrooms and school are clean at all times.
  8. Any damage caused on the school property by a student or students will result in a fine.
  9. Students will be sent home if they do not come to school on time in full uniform, without books or without parents’ signature in their diaries or progress cards. In that event, the school is not held accountable.
  10. Parents must first seek permission to meet with their children or teachers during class hours.
  11. School fees when paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  12. Before signing the school diaries, the parents must ensure that their children complete their homework.
  13. Parents must ensure their children complete their homework and assignments and subsequently sign their diary.
  14. Parents must adhere to the above rules and regulations and ensure that their children follow them to ensure smooth functioning of the school.
  15. Cellphones, Camera, CDs etc. are strictly prohibited in the school campus.



  1. Parents should check the school diary, recognise it with their signature on a regular basis, and use its provisions as appropriate.
  2. Any change in the parents’ or guardian’s address must be reported to the school in writing as soon as possible.
  3. Parents are encouraged to comply with school rules and regulations in every respect.
  4. Parents are asked to refrain from disturbing their children and teachers during school hours. They are invited to take their places at the reception when they come to meet the staff.
  5. Parents are welcome to meet with the principal and teachers to discuss their child’s progress. They are invited to do so by appointment from 4:15 pm to 5:00 pm every day.
  6. Parental involvement in school events will be greatly appreciated in the interest of their own children.
  7. Parents are asked to collaborate with teachers when they are invited to meet and ensure they are present.
  8. It will be the parents’ responsibility to get to know from their children, the instructions and circulars issued from time to time and to recognise them in the school diary.
  9. The cooperation of all parents is required to ensure the regular attendance of students, their own behaviour, the execution of duties and the observance of school instructions.



  1. No student is permitted to engage a CRMMS teacher as a private tutor without the permission of the principal.
  2. Each child must have his or her school diary. It should be brought to the classroom everyday. If it is lost, a new one should be purchased.
  3. If the progress report is lost, a duplicate copy shall be issued after paying a penalty of ₹50.
  4. All students must follow the rules of the CRRMS and the instructions given from time to time by school staff. Failure to do so will result in proceedings against him or her, ranging from a fine, notification or summary dismissal by the principal.
  5. In the rare event when children are required at school outside the working hours or on holidays, parents are requested to send them only if there is a written request from the relevant teacher, with the countersignature of the coordinator.
  6. Ask parents to be patient with the school, if there are any inconveniences, in the interests of their child, during rehearsals and other school events. When children participate in outbound programs, parents will duly be provided with the contact information of the accompanying staff for communication purposes.
  7. A close collaboration between parents is absolutely essential for integral child development.
  8. Parents are requested to check the school diary every day for home assignments, teachers’ notes to parents, etc. and recognize the same with their signature.


  1. Last date for payment of fees – First Term: June 10th, Second Term: December 10th
  2. Failing to pay the fees even after the extended date with a fine, the student’s name will be withdrawn from the roll and the student will not be permitted to attend school. The student may return to school only after payment of the readmission fee as well as other fees.
  3. Payment of fees will be accepted at the school office from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm only. Parents are requested to make the payment at the school counter and get a receipt on the same. The school is not responsible for the payment made to any person other than the school office.
  4. The payment made at the school will under no circumstances be reimbursed or adjusted.
  5. If there is a shortfall in fee collection, it will be made up subsequently by a future payment on intimation.


  1. Admission to all classes is contingent on seat availability and any other criteria that the administration may deem appropriate from time to time.
  2. Admissions are granted on the basis of academic achievement.
  3. On the application for a Transfer Certificate, the parents are permitted to make withdrawals. Such applications must be submitted ahead of time in the school’s prescribed format.
  4. Application for Transfer Certificate must be submitted by the 31st of March of the year.


  1. The academic session is divided into three terms. At the end of each term, Terminal Examination will be conducted.
  2. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) assessments will be used to assess each student’s performance. During Open Day/Bridge Day, parents will be given a copy of the progress report for their own perusal.


  1. Bridge Day is a popular event at CRMMS. It allows parents to engage with teachers and learn about their child’s development in academics and other activities at the school.
  2. All parents are asked to attend Bridge days without fail.
  3. The school will send out circulars well in advance to announce the date of Bridge Day.
  4. Progress Reports and Answer Scripts will be handed over to the parents on bridge days. They must carefully study the papers, grades, and other comments, take the necessary steps to improve their child’s progress in their areas of weakness and establish regular habits of effort to get better results.
  5. Within three days, the progress report should be signed and returned to the teachers.